Vegan and Vegan-Friendly Restaurants in Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon now boasts over 85 all-vegan restaurants and food carts, and about 80 others that are almost all vegan or are super vegan friendly. Here’s a comprehensive list of these. Have I missed any? Any no longer open? Let me know!

Vegan Food


Aura Plant Based Cuisine
Bowls, Burritos, sandwiches and more.
(In the Shady Pines all-vegan food cart pod)
5205 SE Foster Rd, Portland. (503) 422-6852

Latin American cuisine, many vegan options
2910 SE Division St, Portland. (503) 384-2273

Aura Plant Based Cuisine

Yes, Please Plant Powered
North Vancouver Blvd







Ramblin’ Rose – vegan ice cream truck


Pizza Creature – vegan friendly

Almost all-vegan menu


CoKiea’s Kitchen

Marty’s Sandwich Depot



Aura Plant Based Cuisine
Bowls, Burritos, sandwiches and more.
(In the Shady Pines all-vegan food cart pod)
5205 SE Foster Rd, Portland. (503) 422-6852

Baby Ketten Klub
Karaoke bar with all-vegan comfort food:
hamburgers, hot dogs, & all-day breakfast sandwich.
2433 SE Powell Blvd, Portland. (503) 444-7903.

Basil Vegan Kitchen
All-vegan and gluten-free Thai food.
Available for pickup and delivery.
3135 NE Broadway, Portland. (971) 319-0901.

Ben and Esther’s
100% vegan Jewish Deli with all-plant derived
meat analog toppings on Bagels and schmears.
1800 NE Alberta Street, Portland. (503) 265-8470
6912 NE Sandy Blvd, Portland. (503) 477-5714

Black Water
Appetizers, sandwiches, burgers, beer, cocktails
835 NE Broadway Street, Portland. (503) 281-0439

Best Friend Coffee & Smoothie Truck
Smoothies, juices, elixirs, toasts, smoothie bowls.
1121 SE Division Street, Portland. (971) 258-0761

Best Friend Juice Bar & Cafe
Smoothies, juices, elixirs, toasts, smoothie bowls.
2832 SE Gladstone Street, Portland. (503) 208-3441

Blossoming Lotus (gluten free)
Organic world fusion cuisine & drinks
1713 NE 15th Avenue, Portland. (503) 228-0048
2122 NW Quimby Street, Portland. (503) 937-2088

Boxcar Pizza
Vegan Detroit Style Pizza
At The Portland Zipper
2701 NE Sandy Blvd, Portland. (503) 954-2836

Bye and Bye (gluten free)
Full bar vegan menu.
1011 NE Alberta Street, Portland.

Canteen (gluten free)
Juices & smoothies, plus organic bowls & salads.
2816 SE Stark Street, Portland. (503) 922-1858
11 S State Street, Lake Oswego. (503) 479-7167

Carina’s Bakery (gluten free)
Sweet & savory all-vegan baked goods; soup, too.
4725 SW Lombard Ave, #108, Beaverton. (503) 339-3187.

Casa Diablo
Vegan strip club.
Nachos, chimichangas, burritos, burgers.
Not necessary to enter the strip club to eat here.
Patio seating on the side.
2839 NW St. Helens Road, Portland. (503) 222-6600.
8445 SE McLoughlin Blvd, Portland. (503) 222-6610.

Chubby Bunny
Secretly vegan breakfast sandwiches served all day.
3423 SE Belmont Street, Portland. (503) 477-4155.

Cultured Kindness
Small-batch producer of ethically-sourced vegan
cashew cheeses, cheesecakes, snacks, sandwiches
and more. In the famous vegan mall.
1217 SE Stark Street, Portland. (503) 683-2487.

Daily Fuel (food cart) (gluten free)
Vegan Comfort food. Creative bowls, etc.
1080 SE Madison Street., Portland.

DC Vegetarian (gluten free)
Vegan burgers, subs, sandwiches and deli salads.
5026 SE Division Street, Portland. (503) 374-3388.

Dirty Lettuce (food cart)
Sinful Southern Eats. 100% Plant Based!
4727 NE Fremont St, Portland.

Vegan grilled cheese sandwiches, breakfast
and diner-style items
1027 NE Alberta Street, Portland. (503) 708-0550

Doe Donuts
Women-owned, artisanal vegan donuts and ice creams, made from scratch with local, fresh and sometimes unusual ingredients.
4110 NE Sandy Blvd, Portland. (503) 333-4404

Eatin’ Alive
All-vegan deli, bowls, salads, smoothies and juices.
8237 N Denver Avenue. Portland. (503) 477-6919

Vegan Restaurant and Pisco Bar Inspired by the Andes Region of South America.
404 NE 28th Avenue, Portland. (971) 254-8680

Plant-driven plates, fermented foods and drinks.
[Order Online]
1403 SE Belmont Street, Portland.

Flourish Plant Based Kitchen (food cart)
Comfort fusion food, everything gluten-free (gluten free).
7316 N Lombard Street, Portland.

Greenleaf Juicing Company
100% organic juice bar
810 NW 12th Ave, Portland. (971) 271-8988
414 SE Grand Ave, Portland. (971) 271-8359
617 SW Morrison St, Portland. (503) 841-5767
3151 SW Moody Ave, Portland. (503) 477-6406

Hail Snail
All-vegan customizable and pre-made deserts
featuring fair trade chocolate and coffee.
6550 N Interstate Ave. Portland (503) 893-2440.

Happy Day Juice Co.
100% vegan, 100% gluten-free, mostly organic juices, smoothies, bowls, and waffles.
4539 NE Fremont Street, Portland (503) 558-7333

Homegrown Smoker (gluten free)
Smoked vegan meats, comfort foods & all things BBQ
8638 N Lombard Street, Portland. (503) 477-7274

Ice Queen
Plant-based frozen treats.
1223 SE Stark St. Portland.

Jade Rabbit (food cart/gluten free)
Vegan dimsum & bowls. Takeout/Delivery only.
1571 SE 10th Avenue, Portland.

Jet Black Coffee Company (gluten free)
Coffee, tea & treats from Vtopia & local vegan bakeries.
11150 NE Weidler Street, Portland. (503) 889-0739.

Kate’s Great Plant Based Ice Cream
Organic coconut and cashew ice cream made with
seasonal Pacific Northwest produce.
3713 N Mississippi, Portland.

Kure Juice Bar (gluten free) (raw)
Juice, smoothies, bowls
830 NW 13th Avenue, Portland.
518 SW Taylor Street, Portland.
77 SE Yamhill Street, Portland.
4409 SE Hawthorne Blvd., Portland.
345 1st Street #109, Lake Oswego.

La Taquiza Vegana
Vegan street food inspired from deep cultural
roots in Mexico and southern California.
Hinterland Bar and Carts, 2216 SE 50th Ave. Portland.

Little Chickpea (gluten free)
Vegan chickpea ice cream, baked goods.
1241 NW Johnson Street, Portland. (503) 719-6384

Loving Hut
Various Asian dishes: curries, soups, salads, desserts
1239 SW Jefferson Street, Portland.

Miami Nice
Generous menu of vegan Cuban foods.
Culmination Brewing, 2117 NE Oregon St, Portland.

Mama Dut
All-vegan Vietnamese-American meals & treats
1414 SE Morrison St., Portland. (503) 954-1222

Cocktails bar serving vegan comfort food.
20 NW 3rd Ave, Portland. (503) 206-4153

Latin American cuisine, many vegan options
2910 SE Division St, Portland. (503) 384-2273

Plant-based authentic Sri Lankan cuisine.
2420 SE Belmont Street, Portland. (503) 233-4675

Mis Tacones (gluten free)
A vegan, queer Latinx taqueria. Empanadas, tacos, tortas,  burritos & other Mexican dishes with vegan asada.
1670 NE Killingsworth, Portland.

The Mocking Bird (food cart)
Fake chicken, meats, burgers, mac’n’cheez.
5235 NE Sandy Blvd. Portland.
4250 SW Rose Biggi Ave. Beaverton.

Native Bowl (food cart) (gluten free)
Fusion-style rice bowls
4233 N Mississippi Avenue, Portland. (503) 330-7616

Native Foods (gluten free)
Vegan comfort foods, chef-crafted dishes
7237 SW Bridgeport Rd. (503) 968-9999

Nectar Café
Juices, waffles, wraps, sandwiches, soup/salad
1925 NE 42nd Avenue, Suite E, Portland. (971) 302-6359

Next Level Burger (gluten free)
Burgers, hot dogs, fries, salads, shakes
4121 SE Hawthorne Blvd., Portland. (503) 719-7058
11 S State Street, Portland., Lake Oswego (503) 305-6146

Obon Shokudo
All-vegan Japanese.
720 SE Grand Ave, Portland. (503) 206-7967

Oracle Coffee Co. (gluten free)
Coffee, tea, & baked goods from Shoofly Vegan Bakery
3875 SW Bond Avenue, Portland. (971) 339-9002

Oscar’s Burgers
Coffee, tea, & baked goods from Shoofly Vegan Bakery
3875 SW Bond Avenue, Portland. (971) 339-9002

Petunia’s Pies and Pastries (gluten free)
Vegan except for limited honey.
610 SW 12th Avenue, Portland. (503) 841-5961

Pixie Retreat (gluten free) (raw)
Mostly raw, bowls with cooked beans. No refined sugar.
1670 SE 3rd Avenue, Portland. 503-975-6825
432 NW 11th Avenue, Portland. (503) 957-0246

Plant Based Papi (gluten free) (raw)
Inside Fortune bar, 614 SW 11th Ave, Portland
Mac’nCheese, tacos, and bowls.
Rotating menu; has another menu here:

Rad Magic Subs
Vegan submarine sandwiches using locally crafted
vegan meats, condiments and produce.
11150 Northeast Weidler Street, Portland.

Rabbits Cafe (gluten free)
Breakfast bowls, wraps, salads, pancakes, waffles, smoothies and more.
555 SW Oak Street, Suite 6, Portland.
1640 NE Killingsworth Street, Portland.

Secret Pizza Society
Vegan pizzas, salads, desserts
7201 NE Glisan Street, Portland.
(971) 678-4409 (971) 533-0092

Shoofly Vegan Bakery
Dutch Style Vegan Baked Goods.
2505 SE 11th Ave, Portland. (971) 229-0188

Sip (food cart)
Juice, smoothies, breakfast bowls (gluten free)
3029 SE 21st Avenue, Portland.
(in People’s Food Coop courtyard).(503) 964-0820

Soul Lift Cacao
Ceremonial cacao served hot or in smoothies.
Sourced directly from indigenous growers.
2601 NE MLK Jr. Blvd, Portland. (cafe)
827 SW 2nd Ave, Portland. (kiosk inside Food Hall)

South X Northwest
Plant-based southern & southwestern fare.
3928 N Mississippi Ave, Portland. (503) 265-8918.

All-vegan sports and egames man-cave bar with
Hooters-style waitresses serving meat-analog
sports bar grub.
Same ownership as the vegan stripbars in town.
8445 SE McLoughlin Blvd, Portland. 503-222-6610

Supernova Vegan (gluten free)
Mac’nCheese, BBQ sandwich, bahn mi, tacos, pad thai, daily soup
2215 NE Alberta Street, Portland.
7909 SE 13th Avenue, Portland.

Sushi Love (food cart) (gluten free)
Vegan sushi and tea
In the Shady Pines Vegan Food Cart Pod
5240 NE 42nd Ave, Portland. (503) 278 – 6070
209 7th St, Oregon City. (503) 744-0457

Sweet Hereafter
Full all-vegan bar menu. Several bowls.
3326 SE Belmont Street, Portland.

Sweet Pea Baking Company
All-vegan bakery & breakfast and lunch.
1205 SE Stark Street, Portland. (503) 477-5916.

The Sudra
Indian fusion
28 NE 28th Ave, Portland. (971) 302-6002.
906 N. Fremont St, Portland. (503) 719-4279
100 NW 10th Ave. Portland. (503) 477-7371
4589 SW Watson Ave. Beaverton. (503) 268-1578

V3 PDX (food cart)
So-Cal vegan menu; seasonal/weekly specials
1331 N Killingsworth St. Portland (503) 504-1955

Van Hanh
Vegan Vietnamese Restaurant
8446 SE Division St, Portland. (503) 788-0825
Order Online

Vegan Junk Food
Just as the name says.
Many vegan restaurants and carts are just this.
Great that this place admits it.
5052 SE Foster Road, Portland. (503) 946-8052

Veggie Bowl (food cart)
Modern Japanese-inspred cuisine
508 14th St. Oregon City, OR 97045 (503) 750-5559

Veggie Grill (gluten free) (raw)
Burgers, wraps, bowls, baked goods
508 SW Taylor Street, Portland. (503) 841-6647.
3435 SW Cedar Hills Blvd.,#D. Beaverton, (503) 350-2369.

Vertical Diner
Burgers, wraps, bowls, baked goods
Vegan comfort food in original 70’s diner.
8124 SW Barbur Blvd, Portland. (503) 206-6150.

Virtuous Pie (gluten free)
Single-serving vegan pizzas, vegan ice cream,
weekend brunch
1126 SE Division Street, #200, Portland. (503) 334-2073.

Vtopia Cheese Shop & Deli (gluten free)
Vegan cheese dishes, soups, sandwiches, salads
1628 SW Jefferson Street, Portland. (971) 271-7656

YogaChefJess (food cart)
Creative rotating menu: breakfast, lunch/dinner.
4255 SE Belmont St, Portland. (503) 847-4615

Yuan Su Vegetarian
Chinese Restaurant · Vegetarian/Vegan Restaurant
11140 Se Powell Blvd. Portland. (503) 477-5775

Wild Thing
All vegan, vegetable-focused grain bowls.
No fake meats! Counter-service & takeout.
1483 NE Alberta St, Portland.




Adventist Health Garden Cafe
Vegetarian and vegan hospital cafeteria.
10123 SE Market St, Portland. (503) 251-6368

Best Friend (food cart) (gluten free)
Juices, smoothies, coffee, tea & snacks
1121 SE Division Street, Portland.

The Big Dilla “Rethink Quesadillas” (food cart) (gluten free)
Mainly vegan, vegetarian options available
8037 N Lombard Street, Portland.

Bombay Chaat House (food cart) (gluten free)
Traditional Indian cuisine
Vegetarian, mostly all vegan traditional Indian cuisine.
804 SW 12th Avenue, Portland.

Bula Kava House (gluten free)
Coffee & juice bar, smoothies, açai bowls, vegan exc honey
3115 SE Division Street, Portland.

Cafe Eleven
Coffee shop w/ 4 vegan sandwich & bagel options
435 NE Rosa Parks Way

Carioca Bowls (gluten free)
Brazilian style açai bowls, smoothies & other drinks
827 NE Alberta Street, Portland. (503) 282-5613.
1645 NW 21st Avenue, Portland. (971) 339-9096.

Chatpata Chaat Café & India Direct Grocery
Snack bar with tables; adjoins an Indian grocery store.
16205 NW Bethany Court, Portland.

The Low Tide Lounge
Vegetarian and vegan
Mexican appetizers, plates, cocktails, beer, wine
2045 SE Belmont Street, Portland.

Cosmic Reflections
Traditional Chinese teahouse with light vegan fare.
Inside the Tower of Cosmic Reflections and
overlooking the beautiful Lan Su Chinese Garden.
239 NW Everett Street, Portland.

Essential Juices and Smoothies (food cart) (gluten free)
Organic fresh juices, some with bee pollen and honey
1122 SE Tacoma Street, Portland.

Falafel House PDX (food cart)
Made from scratch, pita baked daily
7316 N Lombard Street, Portland.

Drink Mamey
Woman & Black-owned space specializing in cold-pressed juice and superfood wellness products for the BIPOC community and more.
1615 NE Killingsworth Street. Portland. (503) 432-8376

Gem (gluten free)
Vegan salad, tart, and lots of vegan pastries & desserts.
1401 NE Broadway Street, Portland. (503) 288-1508

Harlow (gluten free) (raw)
Large, all-organic menu: vegan smoothies, bowls, vegan scramble options.
3632 SE Hawthorne Blvd., Portland. (971) 255-0138
505 NW 23rd Ave, Portland. (503) 477-8203

KaTi Portland (gluten free)
Thai vegan/vegetarian, bar drinks
2932 SE Division Street, Portland.

King Harvest Hummus Drive- Thru (gluten free)
Full Line of Hummuses, Drip Coffee, Breakfast Burritos, Cookies & Muffin Tops.
1502 SE Morrison Street, Portland. Open 7am – Noon M-F.

The Magnolia – A Beer & Wine Bar
House-made Vegan specials & desserts.
4075 NE Sandy Blvd. Portland.

Maruti Indian Restaurant  (gluten free)
Almost all menu items are vegan. All produce is locally sourced organic, meals all cooked with non-GMO rice bran oil.
1925 SE Hawthorne Blvd., Portland. (503) 236-0714.

Meals For Heels
All vegetarian; can be made vegan.
Rotating menu.
831 SE Salmon St. Portland. (971) 279-2483.

Build-your-own superfood Acai bowls, oatmeal and smoothies.
1755 NW 23rd Avenue, Portland. (503) 890-9333.
4220 N Mississippi Avenue, Portland. (971) 271-7641.
1876 SW 5th Avenue, Portland. (503) 901-6279.

Off The Griddle (gluten free)
Breakfast and lunch. All menu items vegan by default, with egg and dairy items by request.
6526 SE Foster Rd. (503) 764-9160.

The Pear (gluten free) (raw)
Juice Bar & Thai Veg Cafe; low fat, low salt
33 NE 3rd Avenue, Suite 325, Portland.

Study of Sweets (gluten free) (raw)
Candy, sweet drinks, chocolate; vegan options
159 SE 2nd Avenue, Portland., Hillsboro

Tao of Tea
Charming restaurant with bulk tea shop next door.
3430 SE Belmont Street, Portland.

The Whole Bowl
Bowls, all can be vegan,7 locations throughout Portland.

Tiny Moreso (gluten free) (raw)
Appetizers, juices, smoothies, bowls, drinks, desserts
99% vegan (serves eggs).
4520 NE 42nd Avenue, Portland.

Uncle Tsang’s Kitchen (food cart) (gluten free)
Chinese food
1112 SE Tacoma Street, Portland.

Wolf & Bear’s (food cart)
Middle Eastern Fusion: sabich, falafel, salad, vegan sauces
3925 N. Missisispi Avenue, Portland.
113 SE 28th Avenue, Portland.








Al Amir (gluten free)
Lebanese cuisine, lunch, dinner, drinks
223 SW Harvey Milk Street, Portland.

Upscale Peruvian tapas & entrees, plus regional cocktails, presented in a warm, bustling room.
Has a separate vegetarian/vegan menu.
1314 NW Glisan St, Portland. (503) 228-9535

Bellagio’s Pizza (gluten free)
Follow Your Heart cheese option
14 locations in PDX area

Black Seed Burger Cult
Everything on the menu can be made vegan
3746 N. Mississippi (in Tupelo Alley). (971) 544-7277

Blue Star Donuts
Has lots of vegan donuts.
Multnomah Village
7709 SW Capitol Highway, Suite 111C. 971-266-8664
South Waterfront
0672 #2 SW Gaines Street. 503-954-3672
Portland International Airport
(main terminal before security). 503-288-4670
1155 SW Morrison Street, Suite 102.
North Portland
3753 N Mississippi Avenue. 971-254-4575
Southeast Portland
3325 SE Division Street, Suite 1. 503-477-9635
Northwest Portland
921 NW 23rd Avenue. 503-265-8659
14985 SW Barrows Rd, Suite 127, Beaverton. 503-336-0028

Bleu Door Bakery Café
Some vegan dishes, vegan menu on Thursdays
2411 Main Street, Portland., Vancouver

Bollywood Theater
2039 NE Alberta Street, Portland
3010 SE Division Street, Portland

Café Yumm! (gluten free)
Bowls, bentos, soups, sandwiches, all can be vegan
13 locations in the PDX-Vancouver area

The Celery

4008 North Williams Avenue, Portland. 

Chutneys (gluten free)
Upscale Indian cuisine & food market
3000 SE 164th Avenue, Portland.

Crisp Salads (gluten free)
Large build-your-own salads, soups, hot bowls,
wraps, and cookies.
3901 N Williams Ave, Portland. (503) 206-4112
2045 SE Division St, Portland. (503) 764-9459
15932 SE Happy Valley Town Center Dr., Happy Valley. (503) 427-2534

Dar Salam
Iraqi and Middle Eastern cuisine, many vegan items
Several locations

Departure Restaurant & Lounge (gluten free)
Asian fusion, vegan options
525 SW Morrison Street, top floor, Portland.

Dove Vivi
Corn meal crust pizzas with unique vegan options.
2727 NE Glisan Street. Portland (503) 239-4444

Dwaraka Indian Cuisine
Large vegan menu.
3962 SE Hawthorne Blvd. Portland. (503) 230-1120.

East Glisan Pizza Lounge (gluten free)
Pizza, vegan sausage, house cashew cheese
8001 NE Glisan Street, Portland.

East Side Delicatessen
Sandwich shop, Vegenaise & Field Roast options
Several locations

El Nutri Taco
Mexican, vegan options
2124 NE Alberta Street, Portland.,
8436 SE Woodstock Blvd.

48 North Pizzeria
Huge selection of vegan pizza, calazone, and stromboli options.
8801 North Lombard Street, Portland. (503) 477-4846.

Freshii (gluten free)
Bowls, burritos, salads, wraps, soups, smoothies & juices
Multiple locations in PDX & Vancouver.

Fuel Cafe
Comfy bistro with vegan sandwich, burger, scramble, bowls & burritos.
1452 NE Alberta St, Portland. (503) 335-3835

Garden Bar
Create-your-own salads (gluten free)
25 NW 11th Avenue. Portland. (971) 888-5263
135 NW Broadway. Portland. (971) 544.2222
817 SW 9th Avenue. Portland. (503) 764.9832
100 SW Market Street. Portland. (503) 477.9432
510 SW 3rd Avenue. Portland. (971) 279.2042
2045 SE Division Street. Portland. (503) 719.5924
1061 NE 9th Avenue. Portland. (503) 206.5655
15035 SW Barrows Rd #135. Beaverton. (971) 317.0667
345 1st St. #109. Lake Oswego OR 97034
(503) 882.2085

Garden Monsters
Veggie salads: all can be veganized.
5029 SE Division St, Portland. (503) 688-8500
2231 NE Alberta St, Portland. (503) 680-5622

Vegan plates and bar food
614 SW 11th Ave Portland. (503) 384-2347

Kinara Thai Bistro
Large menu full of vegan options.
126 SW 18th Ave, Portland. (503) 227-5161.

Kopi Coffee House
2327 E Burnside Street, Portland. (503) 234-8610

Laughing Planet Café (gluten free)
Salads, bowls, burritos, beer, desserts, all can be vegan
11 locations in the PDX-Vancouver area

Traditional Turkish cuisine, several vegan options.
2601 SE Clinton Street, Portland. (971) 420-2853

Los Gorditos
Local Mexican chain serving traditional & vegan tacos, burritos & plates in a casual setting.
902 N Killingsworth St, Portland. (503) 208-3169
1212 SE Division St, Portland. (503) 445-6289
922 NW Davis St, Portland. (503) 445-6289
4937 SE Division St, Portland. (971) 865-2160
3420 SE 50th Ave, Portland. (503) 875-2615
8319 SE Powell Blvd, Portland. (971) 288-5903

Nekter Juice Bar (gluten free) (raw)
Juices, smoothies, bowls
Lake Oswego and Vancouver

Nicholas (gluten free)
Middle Eastern, fresh from the oven bottomless chapati
Three locations in PDX & Gresham

Oregon Public House
House-made vegan burger, mac’n’cheese other more.
All proceeds go to charity.
700 NE Dekum Street, Portland. (503)828-0884

Paradox Café (gluten free)
Organic appetizers, entrees, drinks, desserts.
3439 SE Belmont Street, Portland.

Rally Pizza
Pizza with vegan options, vegan appetizers & plates
8070 E Mill Plain Blvd., Vancouver

Root Whole Body Café (gluten free)
Café in yoga/massage/spa locale
2122 NW Quimby Street, Portland.

Rudy’s Pizza (gluten free)
Many vegan pizza options
2445 SE Powell Blvd.

Salam Restaurant (gluten free)
Lebanese & Persian cuisine, lunch, dinner, drinks
1002 NE Orenco Station Pkwy., Hillsboro

Sengatera Ethiopian Restaurant (gluten free)
Many vegan dishes
3833 NE MLK Blvd.

Sizzle Pie (gluten free)
Featured vegan pizzas and appetizers
624 E Burnside Avenue, Portland.
926 W Burnside Street, Portland.
4144 NE Sandy Blvd, Portland.
125 NE Schuyler Street, Portland.
1 N Center Court Street, Portland.

Sol Station Metaphysical Coffee Lounge (gluten free)
Coffee, teas, essential oil infused smoothies
8510 SW Terwilliger Blvd., Portland.

Straight from New York Pizza
Vegan pizzas, slices and salads
All trash and scraps are composted
3330 SE Belmont Street, Portland.
3701 SE Hawthorne Blvd, Portland.
2241 W Burnside Street, Portland. (503) 736-9739

Thai House
Traditional Thai cuisine, vegetarian options
250 E Main Street, Hillsboro.

Thai Peacock
Vegan egg rolls, salad rolls and curries.
19 SW 9th Ave, Portland. (503) 228-2310.

The Mighty Bowl (food cart) (gluten free)
Bowls, wraps, burritos, soy curl and vegan options
108 W 8th Street, Portland., Vancouver; plus mobile food trucks.

Thunderbird Bar
Mostly vegan bowls, burgers, salads, sandwiches.
5339 SE Foster Rd, Portland. (503) 764-9819

Top Burmese
Authentic Burmese Cuisine, almost all dishes vegan or with vegan options.
413 NW 21st Ave, Portland. (503) 477-5985

Vancouver Pizza Co.
Pizza with vegan options
2219 Main Street, Portland., Vancouver

Verde Cocina (gluten free)
Mexican/Pacific Northwest fusion, vegan plates and options.
524 NW 14th Avenue, Portland. (503) 894-9321
6446 SW Capitol HWY, Portland. (503) 384-2327
5515 SW Canyon Court, Portland. (503) 297-5568

Victoria Bar
Wide selection of vegan bowls, plates and
bar food items for brunch, lunch and dinner.
4835 N Albina Ave, Portland.

Vivi’s Vietnamese Noodle House
Vietnamese cuisine, vegetarian options
1035 NE 25th Avenue, Portland.,

White Owl Social Club
Many vegan bar food options
1305 SE 8th Ave, Portland. (503) 236-9672