Vegan on Alberta

Famished and craving for some delicious, healthy vegan grub nearby? No worries, as a good many vegan and vegan-friendly restaurants, bars and food carts are waiting for your growling belly right within walking, biking or short driving distance from the Portland Eco House! Here are five of the best:

1). The Bye and Bye. 1011 NE Alberta Street. The Bye and Bye is a 100 percent vegan bar, and a super popular scene with a nice open, naturally-lit interior and tons of outdoor seating. It’s especially nice to sit in the cheer of the afternoon sun while digging into one of their scrumptious vegan entrées and quaffing a local brew or other drink. Their Peanut Butter Broccoli Bowl is my favorite, but their Spaghetti with Veggie Meatballs is a big hit, and you won’t go wrong with any of their other entrées.

2). Wild Thing PDX. 1483 NE Alberta Street. The Wild Thing is a newly-opened all-vegan place that steers from vegan junk food or meat and dairy analogs, specializing in super-delicious, super-healthy whole plant food bowls, puddings, porridges and smoothies. Patrons are invited to choose from one of their Signature Bowls or build their own.

3). Mis Tacones. 1670 NE Killingsworth Street. After serving out of food carts and pop-ups since 2016, this wildly popular queer-owned all-vegan taqueria is now in a brick and mortar location, and its popularity has only increased. Its empanadas, tacos, tortas, chimichangas, burritos & other Mexican dishes come paired with their own in-house seitan vegan asada. Also on the menu is vegan fried ice cream, flan, and other vegan Mexican desserts. From its full bar expect horchata, mezcal and tequila cocktails, as well as wine and beer, including beers from Salem’s Xicha Brewing.

4). Native Bowl. 4233 N. Mississippi Avenue. Native Bowl is an all-vegan food cart situated at the far side of the Prost Marketplace food cart pod on North Mississippi by the corner of Skidmore Street. Its focus is on big, healthy vegan bowls stuffed with organic, locally sourced ingredients and their own in-house sauces. Order the Broadway Bowl with its garlic tofu, peanut ginger sauce, cabbage, carrots and more, and sit down to enjoy it on the Bloodbuzz pub cart’s covered deck with one of their beers or other drinks.

5.) South X Northwest. South X Northwest is another fairly new and hugely popular venue, serving up a super-delicious rotating menu of plant-based southern & southwestern fare and drinks. Pretend like you’re in Paris out on the large heated and covered dog-friendly patio out front, or warm up inside at their up or downstairs seatings.


A few more nearby vegan and vegan-friendly options deserve honorable mention:

Ben and Esther’s. 1800 NE Alberta Street, Portland. This is a spanking new third location for this Jewish Deli that originally had been omnivore. When one of the owners went vegan, the deli gradually transitioned to going 100% vegan too, with all-plant-derived meat analogs served on bagels and schmears.

Rabbits Café. 1640 NE Killingsworth Street, Portland. This is also a new location for this all-vegan venue whose original location is still in the “Big Pink” US Bancorp building downtown, serving up savory belly-filling wholesome breakfast bowls, salads, waffles, pancakes, French toast, burgers, burritos and more that you can wash down with smoothies or mixed alcohol drinks. And it’s in the same building and right next door to Mis Tacones.

Supernova Vegan. 2215 NE Alberta Street. At the SuperNova Vegan, you can treat yourself to several breakfast options, such as the Spinach Artichoke Scramble with tofu or vegan egg, or the Breakfast Sammy, a vegan version of the traditional morning meal of egg, sausage and cheese on muffin. You can also indulge to your heart’s delight on healthy vegan sandwiches, mac and cheese, burritos, soup, salad, and desserts and treats.

Victoria Bar. 4835 N. Albina Ave. Owned and operated by the same group that owns and operates The Bye and Bye and several other locale vegan and vegan-friendly bars in town, the Victoria Bar has ample indoor space floating around a large stylish bar serving whatever beers and other drinks you may wish, and their generous outdoor spaces are surrounded by large leafy plants. Its menu is chock full of mostly vegan brunch/lunch and dinner/happy hour options.

Drink Mamey. 1615 NE Killingsworth Street. This woman and Black-owned space is across the street from Mis Tacones and specializes in cold-pressed juices and superfood wellness products for the BIPOC community and more.

Carioca Bowls. 827 NE Alberta Street. A mostly vegan health-conscious eatery, Carioca Bowls is just nine blocks from the Portland Eco House and it features fresh healthy juices, açaí bowls with super-food toppings, and more. Guests of mine have raved about this place.

Ditto. 1027 NE Alberta Street. If by odd chance nothing at the Bye and Bye stirs your juices, just mosey past it to the Ditto food cart right next door and check out their vegan grilled cheese and basic sides, with seating outdoors as well as inside a fixed-up old school bus filled with fantastical artwork on the ceiling.

Fuel Cafe. 1452 NE Alberta Street. On Alberta and 14th Place, just across the street from the Tin Shed Garden Cafe, this bistro takes in refugees from the Tin Shed’s hour-plus wait times, with only a short wait or no wait at all, yet with even more fulfilling vegetarian and vegan breakfast and lunch options, including sandwiches, burgers, scrambles, a nice selection of bowls and burritos, and smoothies.

(Tin Shed definitely has very pleasant outdoor garden seating, and they say that their entrées can be veganized, but I have yet to eat there since their menu has changed, and I don’t know yet if I can recommend it to my vegan-leaning guests.)

El Nutri Taco. 2124 NE Alberta Street. Located inside a one-story former laundromat, El Nutri Taco is a little hole-in-the-wall in the best sense of the word, authentic Mexican restaurant, with full vegetarian and vegan menus. Their vegan enchilada with crumbled tempeh is to die for. V3 PDX. 1331 N Killingsworth Street.

If you’re curious about or used to a California take on vegan tacos, burritos, asada fries, quesadillas, and nachos with smoked seitan, this all-vegan cart in the Killingsworth Station Food Cart Pod just past the I-5 freeway overpass will fill you up. Look for their seasonal and weekly specials.

Garden Monsters. 2231 NE Alberta Street. This food cart in a little pod on the corner of Alberta Street and 23rd Avenue is brimming with salads, bowls and melts from its full vegetarian and vegan menus, all served on biodegradable ware. The Celery. 4008 North Williams Avenue.

This brand new restaurant in a spanking new space a few blocks from the Portland Eco House has a full menu of grain, açaí and smoothie bowls; and oatmeals, salads, and smoothies. Some of the bowls have salmon and chicken in them, but perhaps you can get them to substitute in them the tempeh that they serve in other bowls.

The Celery. 4008 N Williams Avenue. All-organic juices, smoothies, bowls and salads. All vegan, with the exception of bowls that have the option of adding fish or chicken, but strangely not the tempeh option that they offer for one of their bowls.

Crisp Salads. 3901 N Williams Avenue. Large build-your-own salads with vegan dressings, soups, hot bowls and wraps are the focus of this spot just a block down from The Celery. If you’re looking to get your fresh raw veggies and healthy grains in sumptuous combos, you’ll definitely get them here.

Los Gorditos. 902 N Killingsworth Street. This local Mexican chain was started as a food cart in southeast Portland in 2006, as a high school project for the daughter of the family that owns and operates it. A HUGE vegan menu offers an array of traditional vegan tacos, burritos and other dishes in a casual setting.

Eatin’ Alive. 8237 N Denver Avenue. Begun by the original owner over a decade ago as a caterer, farmers market vendor, and wholesale supplier of packaged raw vegan meals, the new owner has taken Eatin’ Alive to the next level by opening an all whole plant foods deli featuring fresh but not all-raw bowls, salads, smoothies and juices for breakfast to late lunch meals. 

To find a ton more vegan, vegan-friendly, and vegetarian places to eat throughout the Portland area, check out this comprehensive list: